Dance Spetters Collection PART IV


 Theory Dance Spetters



- The music albums that are online are labeled In Dutch: 'Dansspetters Collectie I, II, III and IV', with icons in yellow, orange, purple and green respectively. The titles and descriptions for each dance are listed in the table of contents of each album. Both in English and in Dutch.

 - All practice music arrangements as mentioned in the various dance descriptions have now been brought together and can be found on Dansspetters Collectie deel IV under ‘oefenmuziek’ (practise music) the Green icon.

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Playlist, dance descriptions and music

Practice Music




THE ***** HOTEL Introduction   
The ***** Hotel : 1st Couplet, the Bellboy   
The ***** Hotel  2nd Couplet, The Creative Chefs   
The ***** Hotel 3rd Couplet, The Fast Waiters   
Game Over: 1st Level   
Game Over: 2nd Level   
Game Over: 3rd Level   
Game Over: 4th Level   
Dancing with Prepositions: Intro and Rap   
Dancing with prepositions 1st Couplet and Rap   
Dancing with prepositions 2nd Couplet and Rap   
Dancing with prepositions 3rd Couplet and Rap   
Mobile Phoning part 1   
Mobile Phoning part 2   
Mobile Phoning part 3   
Mobile Phoning part 4   
Mobile Phoning part 5   
Hello Goodbye    
All Hands-on Deck version 1   

All Hands-on Deck version 2

Aeroplanes: long version   
Code 1-2-3   
The Sliding Door   
Communication in Motion   

Practice music 01: Active with a solid Beat and Stop Dance Variations

Practice Music 02: Merry Hopping Tempo   
Practice Music 03: Mood music, Exiting   
Practice Music 04: Dreamy Floating   
Practice Music 05: Rhythmic Staccato   
Practice Music 06: Percussion Jungle atmosphere   
Practice Music 07: Fast and cheerful   
Practice Music 8: Legato with playful Staccato   
Practice Music 09: Stately Courtdance   
Practice Music 10: Space Theme fast   
Practice Music 11: Playful andFunky   
Practice Music 12: New Age   
Practice Music 13: Happy Hopping pace   
Practice Music 14: Shake It   
Practice Music 15: Swinging and Rhythmic   
Practice Music 24: Cheerful Polka   
Practice Music 25: Catwalk Fashionbeat Extra Long