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Collection part II

Collection part III

Collection part IV


  • The theory and all dance descriptions of Dance Spetters can be downloaded for free via this site. Click on one of the icons and all the dances of that particular album will appear. All musical arrangements are available on Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Instagram, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, Pandora and many other streaming services.
  • The four music albums that are online are labeled In Dutch: 'Dansspetters Collectie I, II, III and IV', with icons in yellow, orange, purple and green respectively. The titles and descriptions for each dance are listed in the table of contents of each album. Both in English and in Dutch.
  • All practice music arrangements as mentioned in the various dance descriptions have now been brought together and can be found on Dansspetters Collectie deel IV under ‘oefenmuziek’ (Green icon)
  • We have made a quality improvement by placing all dances of Dance Spetters that consist of different couplets (such as the Circus or The Jungle) both in the original version as well as in separate tracks. Handy if you want to work out a particular verse of a dance in your dance class or activity.
  • In the coming period we will continue to work on the digitization of Dance Spetters